Magic Bands Released to Annual Passholders

Well, it’s our first official look behind the curtain of the big Magic Band mystery! Annual Passholders are lining up to turn in their “old school” paper annual passes and have them converted to new plastic cards with electronic data.

Passholders need to go to the Oddessy Center at Epcot (that weird shaped orange building that no one ever pays attention to between Test Track and the Mexico Pavillion) and present their paper Annual Pass as well as photo i.d.. Choose from Mickey, Minnie, Goofy or Donald and be on your way to using the latest technology in the parks.

Passes get touched to the Mickey head at the new turnstile-free entry points and voila…magic!

This is the first step to the new technology that’s rolling out and eventually Magic Bands will be distributed to Annual Passholders but no information or release date is official yet.

Magic Bands were on display inside of the Oddessy Center, giving Passholders a sneak peek at what the mysterious new bands may look like.

MyMagic+ Walt Disney World annual pass RFID upgrade

Additional locations for Passholders to update their passes may magically appear later on, but for now Oddessy is the location is enter the new generation. Annual Passholders who want more information or people who are just generally nosy about the implementation of this technology (like me) can click here for the official scoop.

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